An Empty Shell

We’ve taken things right back to basics

You may have noticed that the pub was stripped right back to its basics last week and appeared to be a real shell of its former self! As it is such an old building, rich in history, there has been extensive structural work that has needed to take place so we have stripped out everything and have been busy repointing walls and ensuring as much of the original building can be saved and made structurally sound for generations to come. This includes the original barn from the old horse exchange which will be a lovely dining area in just a few short weeks.

Once the structural work has been completed, we will be able to start putting in brand new windows throughout and a state of the art kitchen, followed by the completely transformed décor.

Take a look at some of the architect’s rendered images for an idea of what the place will look like once complete. Please note these are only guidelines and the finished product will not be an exact copy of this.

Preview One
Site Plan & Visuals
A General Arrangement

As anyone who has ever undertaken any building works will know, there is always the risk of unexpected issues arising, and although we have already come across our fair share, we are still hoping to open our doors to you in mid-November. We’ll have more information about exact timings soon, so make sure you sign up to our newsletter and follow us social media to be the first to know.

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If you have any queries about your new local pub, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at!