Chef’s Recipe: Lemon Cheesecake


Our Head Chef is passionate about cooking delicious seasonal dishes at The Royal Exchange, using some top-secret ingredients and techniques passed down from generations of family members. However, one recipe she is more than willing to share is her delicious lemon cheesecake.

“This is such a tasty dessert but is super easy to make when you need to whip something up quickly for your guests to enjoy.”

She encourages you to give it a try and impress your guests over the festive season.



Ingredients (makes 1 large cake):

150g castor sugar
625g cream cheese
Zest of 1 lemon
Juice of 2 lemons
1Pt double cream


250g crushed digestive biscuits
125g unsalted butter


Melt the butter and mix in with the crushed digestive biscuits

Line a cake tin with greaseproof paper

Line the bottom of the cake tin with the crushed biscuit mix, press and smooth the mix down in the tin

Whisk the cream cheese and sugar together until smooth

Add the zest and juice of the lemons

Whilst whisking on a slow speed, add the double cream slowly

Keep whisking until the mixture is thick

Scoop the filling into the cake tin and press and smooth over onto the biscuit base without breaking the base

Refrigerate until fully set


You can decorate your cheesecake by adding sliced lemons and a light sprinkling of icing sugar over the top, should you wish.


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